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None, Some, and Full

This summer I’m privileged to be an assistant coach for TWO sessions of the Dale Carnegie Teen Leadership courses, first session was last week and the second this coming week.

I’ve coached once before and have taken the class as an actual participant and it’s wonderful to see where they start and the improvements they make in just a week. And although the trainer and assistant (that’s me!) are the ones who provide new life principles, the students have provided their share of poignant, life changing lessons. Like the most recent batch of students who came across a principle that I feel is at the heart of what Dale Carnegie is all about.

There are things in life that we have NO control over like the weather or traffic

then there are things we have SOME control over like where we work,

and finally there’s essentially one thing that we all have FULL control in life and that’s our attitude.

The amount of things that are out of our control fairly outnumber what we can control, but it’s all about quality over quantity here. We may not have control over a bad break or a lost opportunity, but what we can control is how we move forward. The only way a bad situation can truly negatively affect our life is if we allow it.

So in the words of Monty Python:

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The Batman of Weddings

“You are my Gotham City, and your well being is my #1 priority”
is what I found myself saying last week to my aunt on her wedding day. I was what is called a lady in waiting, but that whole day I was called Batman (it sounds like I’m being silly but history is on my side guys, British officers were given a personal assistant who were referred to as a ‘batman.’ But comic book Batman sounds cooler).

Ladies in waiting, just like batmen from the British Army, are assistants. Their one and only concern is the bride, any little thing the bride needs falls on the lady in waiting. Due to the unpredictable nature of my duty, I felt that I should be adequately prepared and the only way to be truly prepared is to have a utility belt.


I had a small sewing kit, wet wipes, advil, bobby pins, mints, lint roller, hairspray, clear nail polish, and the like; most of my tools weren’t used but it was better than I was overprepared. Although I LOVED walking about with the utility belt, that wasn’t what made me really enjoy my job.

At the end of the day, I was there to keep the bride happy and stress free.

Which did require tools from the utility belt, but more importantly required the right kind of attitude. Supportive and calming attitude with very little ego. I was able to provide suggestions, zealous (and honest) reactions, and opinions. Some suggestions were shot down and some were taken, and both situations are fine because it wasn’t about my way winning but about giving the bride the best option.

Most of the time I just got to hang out with the bride. Making jokes, let her vent, keep her mind on other things when stress wanted to creep in.


This was my first time doing anything like this, naturally it was bumpy at times. I wasn’t sure if I lingered too much or got in the way of maid of honour duties. Normally when I’m met with slightly rough situations I immediately want to get out but this wasn’t one of those times. I acknowledged when I felt like I was lingering or not doing much but it didn’t affect the entire experience.

Which leads me to believe that this wasn’t just a random job that I felt I needed to do because it was given to me. Even before my aunt called a few days after the wedding to thank me for helping her I already felt a sense of warmth and fulfillment, her gratitude was a tremendous bonus. Ever since then I’ve been wondering, “What if being a bride’s batgirl is a serious profession for me?” 20170610_184025.png

I don’t claim to be a wedding expert but I will research and learn more about how these events are planned; because when something brings about a sense of genuine happiness and fulfillment, I think it’s worth it to explore.

I look forward to sharing with you all the tips and tricks that I learn as I do my research!
-hanys xx

And if you are in need of a batman for your special day, please email me at


An Afternoon with Jo

I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful little event thrown by one of my favourite shops this past weekend.

Last year Jo Malone released a collection called Rare Teas, each scent inspired by different soothing and delectable teas. The event was held to introduce new bottle sizes and to tell a story for each individual scent.

While it was loads of fun to dress up a little and smell delightful, hearing the small details from people who, quite obviously, love what they’re doing was an immense thrill.

It was like being at a sleepover with delicious snacks, goody bags, and captivating stories. So if there’s ever some kind of Jo Malone sleepover, I’m totally in.



I’ve always loved dressing up and looking classy but when I was younger I always thought that you only put effort into an outfit when it’s a special occasion. At some point in the last few years I realised that putting thought into an outfit doesn’t have to be just for Christmas or a wedding or even a fancy dinner; that I can put some good thinking into how I dress everyday!

I would even put in some good time and brain power for my parents’ outfits.

Before it would only be for a special outfit or when they have no idea what they should wear for work or church. But that has since evolved into putting together outfits for the whole week.

[ Weekly Stylings ] @chiquedomingothomas' week in wardrobe

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As I’ve mentioned in my About Page I’m a firm believer in the power of a good outfit, but I don’t want to limit that belief to just me and my family. I want to encourage others to think of clothes not just as something to cover their bodies, but as an instrument of expression.

Which is where this blog comes into play!

This blog isn’t going to be me trying to get people to dress like me, that will just go against everything I’ve just said (except maybe about wearing white socks with dress shoes, please don’t with that).

I want this blog to be fun and shameless and to inspire people to look inward and develop their own style as a way to then show off who they are.

I hope you continue with me on this journey towards awesome stylings!

Until next time,
Hanys xx