I’ve always loved dressing up and looking classy but when I was younger I always thought that you only put effort into an outfit when it’s a special occasion. At some point in the last few years I realised that putting thought into an outfit doesn’t have to be just for Christmas or a wedding or even a fancy dinner; that I can put some good thinking into how I dress everyday!

I would even put in some good time and brain power for my parents’ outfits.

Before it would only be for a special outfit or when they have no idea what they should wear for work or church. But that has since evolved into putting together outfits for the whole week.

[ Weekly Stylings ] @chiquedomingothomas' week in wardrobe

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As I’ve mentioned in my About Page I’m a firm believer in the power of a good outfit, but I don’t want to limit that belief to just me and my family. I want to encourage others to think of clothes not just as something to cover their bodies, but as an instrument of expression.

Which is where this blog comes into play!

This blog isn’t going to be me trying to get people to dress like me, that will just go against everything I’ve just said (except maybe about wearing white socks with dress shoes, please don’t with that).

I want this blog to be fun and shameless and to inspire people to look inward and develop their own style as a way to then show off who they are.

I hope you continue with me on this journey towards awesome stylings!

Until next time,
Hanys xx


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