Life Styling

None, Some, and Full

This summer I’m privileged to be an assistant coach for TWO sessions of the Dale Carnegie Teen Leadership courses, first session was last week and the second this coming week.

I’ve coached once before and have taken the class as an actual participant and it’s wonderful to see where they start and the improvements they make in just a week. And although the trainer and assistant (that’s me!) are the ones who provide new life principles, the students have provided their share of poignant, life changing lessons. Like the most recent batch of students who came across a principle that I feel is at the heart of what Dale Carnegie is all about.

There are things in life that we have NO control over like the weather or traffic

then there are things we have SOME control over like where we work,

and finally there’s essentially one thing that we all have FULL control in life and that’s our attitude.

The amount of things that are out of our control fairly outnumber what we can control, but it’s all about quality over quantity here. We may not have control over a bad break or a lost opportunity, but what we can control is how we move forward. The only way a bad situation can truly negatively affect our life is if we allow it.

So in the words of Monty Python:

[Featured Image provided by: Dale Carnegie]